District 123 Celebrated for Fiscal Responsibility

The continuing efforts of Oak Lawn-Hometown School District 123 to remain transparent and openly communicate yearly budget information to the community has been recognized by The Association of School Business Officials International. ASBO has awarded District 123 with its Meritorious Budget Award for excellence in a budget presentation during the 2019-2020 budget year.
School districts from all over the nation submit their budget applications to ASBO’s panel of financial professionals for review. The presentations are then assessed for compliance with the Meritorious Budget Award Criteria Checklist and other requirements.
“The MBA review process provides the district with feedback from other districts who also adhere to the MBA budget guidelines to create a comprehensive financial projection that is continually improved year after year.  This provides a budget document to our community that transparently communicates to all who are interested in D123’s financial path, explaining both the why and the how,” said Mike Loftin, the Assistant Superintendent of Business at District 123. 

Districts that successfully demonstrate they have met the necessary program requirements may earn either the MBA or Pathway award. In addition to the recognition, reviewers provide expert feedback on the budget proposals.

“Districts that apply to the MBA or Pathway to the MBA programs recognize the importance of
presenting a quality, easy-to-understand budget internally and to the community,” ASBO
International Executive Director David J. Lewis explains. “Participating in the MBA and Pathway
programs provides districts with important tools and resources they need to communicate the
district’s goals and objectives clearly and illustrates their commitment to adhering to nationally
recognized budget presentation standards.”

This is the sixth consecutive year District 123 has received the honor.

“Our School District 123 Strategic Plan holds us accountable to the community for responsible use of funding and fiscal transparency. This award reflects our district’s commitment to sound fiscal management and budgetary policy. Our Chief School Business Official, Dr. Mike Loftin and our business office staff work hard to prepare comprehensive and clear budgetary reports for our community, and I appreciate their high standards and on-going effort. We are very proud of this accomplishment and will continue to strive to remain transparent and openly communicate our yearly budget to the community,” said Dr. Paul Enderle.