District 123 Alumni Named Valedictorian at Marist

Jack Golden isn’t used to his new title just yet but is excited to be named the 2017 Marist Valedictorian and graduate from the high school.

“Being named valedictorian is actually kind of a weird feeling. It’s crazy to think that every late night Dunkin Donuts run and all the studying for exams could have led to this moment, but nonetheless, I am absolutely honored to be named valedictorian,” said Golden.

Golden is a District 123 alumni, attending Kolmar and Oak Lawn-Hometown Middle School before high school, and credits his time in the district to his success.

“During my time at D123, I learned how to become passionate in my studies. I remember sitting in Mrs. Georgelos’ room as she frantically moved the winners of her annual March Madness competition. To be completely honest, I’ve always hated studying history, but she really showed me that even if you aren’t that interested in the course material, you can always find a way to make the course engaging and enlightening,” he said.

Golden has plans to attend Loyola University in the Fall with a double major in molecular and cellular neuroscience and Spanish literature on the pre-med track.

“My big dream right now is to survive med school as best as I can and become a neurologist or neurosurgeon. However, in order to keep myself sane, this summer I’m volunteering at Advocate Christ Hospital in Oak Lawn, lifeguarding at the Oak Lawn Pool, and spending quite a bit of time sleeping and relaxing,” said Golden.