D123 August Board Briefs

The District 123 School Board of Education held their regularly scheduled meeting August 21, 2017. View the agenda.

Highlights from the meeting include:


Sarah McIntyre, Summer School Principal, recapped the 2017 Summer School Program. 577 students enrolled this year filling 30 classrooms at Oak Lawn Hometown Middle School. For the first time, EL programs were offered for the full four hours of Summer School. The Mornings at the Middle School Preschool program had 15 4-year-olds and 12 3-year-olds enrolled this year. In addition to the popular Kindergarten Bootcamp and Math classes, numerous other activities were offered like Hockey and other STEM courses.

“What I love about this is that teachers get to dive into their passions as well and teach something other than what they usually teach during the school year. Or teach what they normally teach but dive deeper into their practice,” said McIntyre.

Summer School classes are offered to students out of district as well, about 50 students came from other school districts.

President’s Report: 

During his report, Board President Brian Nichols expressed his excitement for the upcoming school year. He went over the year’s theme: Inspire

“Every day we have the opportunity to inspire those around us but also to be inspired,” said Nichols.

He went on to speak about the recent eclipse, Opening Day and other ways he has been inspired by the District 123 Community.

Superintendent Report:

Dr. Enderle welcomed the group back to the new school year. Leading with Opening Day which was held earlier, he spoke to the importance of differentiation of professional learning within the District. Enderle spoke to the importance of gathering feedback from staff following professional learning.

“This year, we will be dedicated to garnering a little more feedback from our staff regarding professional learning opportunities. So after every session, we are going to be sending out an immediate survey and seeing if they enjoyed it, did it speak to their learning style, and was it relevant to their role,” he said.

Current student enrollment stands at 3,145 students, similar to last year’s number. In celebration, Dr. Enderle praised the custodial staff and the hard work of Paul Andersen, Director of Buildings and Grounds and his team to get the schools ready for the upcoming school year. He congratulated the Communications team for earning 6 INSPRA Communications Contest awards.

He also highlighted upcoming District events including Parent University and The D123 Extravaganza.

Title I District Plan: 

  • Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum, Assessment, and Family Engagement, Dr. Kathy Gavin went over the documents that will be submitted to the state for Title I funding. The application must first be approved by the D123 School Board to ensure the funds are allocated properly and aligned with the district’s overall plan.
  • The money generated for Title I funding is based on the small income poverty census statement, District 123 can then distribute the funds to schools based on the portion of low-income students in the school compared to the District average.
  • In the past Hometown and Covington schools received Title I funding.
  • Following Dr. Gavin’s presentation, the board approved the Title I District Plan

Tentative District 123 Budget, 2017-2018

  • Assistant Superintendent of Business, Mike Loftin went over the Tentative District 123 Budget for the 2017-2018 school year and the current financial position of the district.
  • While state funding is uncertain, District 123 will bring the final budget to the board this coming September.

The Board of Education will hold their next meeting on September 12th at OLHMS.