Covington Ninja Warrior Training

The 5th Grade Class with the Ninja Course

The 5th Grade Class with the Ninja Course

5th-grade students from Covington School were able to go on the first ever Physical Education Field Trip to the Ultimate Ninjas course in Naperville!

Students were able to participate in course events similar to those seen on the American Ninja Warrior show. Students scaled the Spider Wall, mastered the Cargo Net Climb and the even tried the popular Warped Wall. The facility was designed to mimic courses seen on the hit NBC show and inspire confidence in all who dare to try them.

Dylan and Teagen were the only two students successful in making it up the 14-foot Warped Wall. Mr. Shin, Mr. Van Huisen. and Mrs. Grady along with parent volunteer, Mr. Braxton, was also successful in climbing the wall.

All of the students had a great time and were even told that they were honored to be one of the best school groups the Ultimate Ninja employees have seen so far.