The Cougar Paw Challenge

Mrs. Underwood's Kindergarten Class at the winning table!

Mrs. Underwood’s Kindergarten Class at the winning table!

In a continuous effort to teach District 123 students the importance of being kind and respectful the PBIS committee organized a special challenge for the classrooms at Covington. The challenge was to earn a class “Cougar Paw” by following the Cougar Code in the hallways. Cougar Code is staying quiet, walking with your class in a single file line and being courteous to the classrooms around you.

“We wanted our students to recognize the importance of being respectful, responsible and safe in the hall,” said Lisa Beatty.

The challenge ran for about three weeks and at the end, each classroom’s “Cougar Paws” were put into a raffle drawing, and the winner earned a fancy, holiday decorated table to sit at during lunch, along with a special snack. We randomly selected 2 lucky winners, one for K-2 and one for 3-5. Mrs. Underwood’s Kindergarten class and Miss Taylor’s 3rd grade class were the lucky winners!

Winning classrooms enjoyed their pudding snack and the chance to dine in style, at a specially decorated table during recent lunch period.

“I liked that we got a reward for following the Cougar Code-and the pudding was good!” said Faris Q.

“I wish we got more rewards like this.,” said Manny L.

“The pudding was yummy and table looked cool,” said Charlotte B.