Completing circuits at Covington


Last week Ms. Jone’s 4th grade class was give a light bulb, two wires, two D batteries and put in groups to build a circuit, and make the light bulb light up. Students worked together for 15 minutes trying to light up the light bulb they had. When their time was up, Ms. Jones gave the students an opportunity to share what they discovered.

“I wanted to conduct this experiment with my class, in order for them to be able to explore on their own, without any clues of how to successfully connect a circuit. Many students do not realize how smart they are, and how curious they can be when it comes to learning. This scientific activity was not only successful in meeting the objectives, but it also helped to boost the students’ confidence, within the classroom,” said Ms. Jones.

The students they watched as Ms. Jones built a circuit and made the light bulb light up. Then the class was instructed to use only only one wire, one battery and the bulb and again build a circuit.

Again the students broke up into small groups and worked on making the light bulb light up. They discovered that they could use less materials and still light the bulb, as long as all pieces were connected properly. This was a great hands on lesson for the class.

Story submitted by Amani Abbasi.