Collecting Pop Tabs, a Family Tradition

Ever since Blake Attig started at OLHMS he and his grandpa collected pop tabs for the school to donate to the Ronald McDonald House in Oak Lawn. Last week, the eighth grader was able to donate 20,000 tabs to the charity!
When Blake would visit his Grandpa’s farm they would coordinate their collections, counting each tab before putting them in a container for safe keeping.
“I thought it was a great way to help families and kids who use the Ronald McDonald House in Oak Lawn.  Our family had used the Ronald McDonald house near University of Chicago in the past, so we felt a connection to the charity.  Second, I knew that my grandpa already collected pop tabs that he would bring to a local scrap metal dealer, so I asked him if he would help me donate them instead of turning them directly into cash. Grandpa thought it was a great idea, especially because of our family connection to the charity,” said Blake Attig.
Blake feels very proud that he has been able to make a difference in other’s lives.  He will continue to collect them even when he graduates from OLHMS.  He plans to continue to collect and donate pop tabs for the Ronald McDonald House for years to come.
Pop tabs are recycled by RMH partner, United Scrap Metal, and they receive the market value of the recycled materials, plus a charitable match from United Scrap Metal.  OLHMS is very grateful to Blake for his generous donation to help families take care of their sick children.