Celebrating Perseverance through the Superintendent Student of the Week Program

District 123 has offered in-person instruction to all District 123 students during the 2020-21 school year. Regardless of the setting, the Superintendent Student of the Week award has played a weekly role for students who participate in-person and remotely.

The Superintendent’s Student of the Week Perseverance Award is presented to one D123 student each week based on teacher and principal recommendations. The primary criteria for commendation centers on a student’s ability to consistently demonstrate perseverance while at school. Superintendent Paul Enderle believes that the life principle of choosing to persevere develops strong character and personal maturity.

“The objective of this award is to identify and affirm positive characteristics demonstrated by the student, not necessarily the success or achievement that may have come from it. This award intends to encourage those in our learning community to learn from mistakes, develop a “never quit” attitude, and become a positive example for their peers to do the same.”

This week’s Superintendent Student of the Week is Juliana from Ms Gustafson’s remote class at Hometown School. You can view the video of the presentation below.