The CASE Café is Open at Hometown

CASE Student, Juwaan delivers coffee to Mrs. Spreitzer

CASE Student, Juwaan delivers coffee to Mrs. Spreitzer

“Making coffee is fun!” CASE Student, exclaims as she places a pod in the Keurig. Today marks the first day of Hometown’s CASE Café, a new program where CASE Students make and deliver coffee to the staff.

Thanks to a partnership with a local Dunkin Donuts supplies are brought to the class on Tuesday for brewing and delivery to start. The staff has the option to order coffee, green tea and a donut for a dollar each at the club. While the activity is fun for the students, they are also learning valuable life skills.

“We had started talking about doing something like the CASE Café last year and really brought it to life this year. Through something as simple as making and delivering coffee to our staff these students are learning vocational skills that they will use their whole life,” said Miss. Jamie Zouras, CASE Teacher at Hometown.

The CASE Café is open every Tuesday!