Building, Programming and Legos

6th grade students at Oak Lawn Hometown Middle School are taking Legos to the next level. Using the popular block toys to build, and program their very own robots, using Lego Mindstorms. Lego Mindstorms are the educational, programmable robots that the toy company distributes.

Thanks to a mini grant from the EdFoundation Brian Jurinek was able to bring Science, Math, Engineering and Technology or STEM, classes to life.

“Lego Mindstorms-EV3 provides opportunities for students to enhance skills outlined in the D123 Success Indicators. They reinforce highly relevant, computational thinking skills and foster an understanding of abstraction, algorithms, and data. These skills are becoming important for students, given the increased use of computational thinking in many fields,” said Jurinek.

For students it is a way to apply classroom concepts in real life and have fun doing it.

“I love that I was able to put this together and program it to do whatever I want, I can put in different codes and change what my robot does. My favorite part has been putting in different codes, and programming it then watching what happens,” said Mason.

The Education Foundation is a not-for-profit corporation that was established in 1991 through the good efforts of the School District and dedicated friends in the community. Its purpose is to attract private monies to fund and advance special innovative educational projects/programs that would not normally be supported by tax dollars. A community Board of Trustees governs the Foundation’s activities. Since its inception, over $200,000 has been contributed to the Educational Foundation.