Board of Education Approves New Science Curriculum for District 123

New Amplify Science Curriculum delivered to District Office

New Amplify Science Curriculum delivered to District Office

At their most recent meeting, the Oak Lawn Hometown District 123 Board of Education unanimously approved the Amplify Science curriculum for implementation in District 123 schools. Amplify Science is a flexible, blended program rooted in research that encourages students to take on the roles of scientist or engineer.

“Students should be actively doing science. Amplify Science allows them to do that by researching, analyzing data, asking questions to find answers as opposed to being given the answers and then having to prove them right as science has been in the past,” said Rosalind Reyes, STEM Curriculum Facilitator for District 123.

40 crates of the new Amplify Science curriculum were recently delivered to District Office where they will be divided up and sent to the correct classrooms for implementation this year.

“It’s aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards, it’s very user-friendly for our teachers, and the students are intrigued by the topics and eager to find out more. The topics are easy for them to connect to. We had an entire committee research and pilot different programs and time and time again we agreed that Amplify Science was the best choice for our students,” said Reyes.

“One of the biggest shifts in the transition to the new standards is how they encourage students to engage with science through integrated and interrelated concepts. A high-quality science education equips our students with the knowledge and skills such as communication, collaboration, inquiry, and flexibility that are necessary for all careers.  The standards connect scientific principles to real-world situations,” said Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum, Assessment, and Family Engagement Dr. Kathy Gavin.

Members of the K-5 Science Curriculum Committee will begin using Amplify Science this month. The rest of the staff will begin to use it during Trimester 3.