Beacon Award – Sharon Smith OLHMS

Congratulations to this Month’s Beacon Award Recipient:

Mrs. Sharon Smith – OLHMS

The nomination for the beacon award is listed below:
“Start every day like it’s your birthday,” is the first sign you see when you approach Sharon’s desk in the main office. Right next to the sign you will see a community jar of candy and the smiling face of Ms. Smith.
Sharon has an attitude of excellence and goes above and beyond when performing her job. I watch Sharon collecting lunch money from the students of OLHMS. While others may get frustrated if handed a bag of pennies to be counted and added to a lunch account, Sharon just dumps the bag out and has a pleasant conversation with the child as they stack the coins into neat piles. I’ve seen a container of pudding get dumped on Sharon’s computer as another student tried to hand her money. Sharon just laughed it off and grabbed some paper towels. She treats all of the students with dignity and respect.
Along with interacting with children in a positive manner, Sharon also interacts with our parents in a kind and caring fashion. She is always professional and polite no matter what the situation.
Sharon’s humor, and loving personality is contagious. People are happier when they are around Sharon. She brings joy to the main office, to families and students, and to the staff at OLHMS. Sharon is a perfect example of a Beacon Award recipient.