7th Grader celebrates Women’s History Month with Hand-drawn Calendar

Paige J is a 7th grade student at Oak Lawn-Hometown Middle School in the “Do Something About It” after-school club. The club is sponsored by Mrs. Heather McCarthy, Oak Lawn-Hometown Middle School english language arts teacher.  Women’s history month takes place during the month of March and Paige, along with her peers in the club, set out to recognize the many great achievements of women throughout history by creating a Women’s History Calendar to share with their classmates, teachers, and broader school community.

After creating the piece I felt like this project would truly show people that women have made major contributions to our history even if they went unnoticed. -Paige J, OLHMS 7th Grade

Paige spent over 30 hours researching and individually hand drawing each historical figure on the Women’s History calendar. She wanted to make sure that both their likeness and the accompanying summary represented them extremely well. The calendar that Paige created can be found below or by clicking here.