21st Century Collaboration at Covington

Students in Mrs. Beatty’s class at Covington wanted to know a little more about Veteran’s Day back in the Fall so, they enlisted the help of BrainPOP. BrainPOP is an online resource for students that explores a variety of topics from subjects in school to social and emotional learning.

“BrainPOP videos are not only informational but are so engaging for students. As a teacher, I was always looking for videos that would help my young students better understand the significance of Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day, but it’s often hard to find age-appropriate material. I knew that BrainPop could deliver what we were looking for, so we decided to email them, asking them to create a Veteran’s Day video. They responded by not only creating the video for Veteran’s Day but by offering to include our name in their new Memorial Day video. We were so excited that they responded to us and were thrilled to hear our class’s name mentioned in the video,” said Mrs. Beatty.

BrainPOP responded to the class, not only making a video to further explain Veteran’s Day but featured the class in their new video about Memorial Day!

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