2017-2018 School Year 3rd & 4th Grade Chromebook Program

Beginning next school year in the Fall of 2017, students in the 3rd and 4th grade throughout Oak Lawn-Hometown School District 123 will have the opportunity to regularly take home their Chromebook issued by the educational technology department. Your student will have access to this device both during the school day and at home.

“Helping to facilitate a digital learning environment that extends access beyond the school day is an essential part of our blended learning environment. Additionally, as more and more digital resources are made available to our students via tools like Google Classroom, access to those resources are becoming essential while the student is outside of our care,” said Joseph Macchia, Chief Information Officer for District 123.

Students in grades 5-8 at District 123 already take the devices home each evening and on the weekends to extend learning outside of the school day. A few items to note about our program in 3rd & 4th Grade:

  • The Internet as accessed through the Chromebook is a powerful learning tool, but it should not be used indiscriminately or without supervision. While the student is at school, D123 staff and deployed filtering technologies help to monitor the Chromebook and ensure it is used appropriately.

  • The parent/guardian(s) is responsible for monitoring this resource while the device is at home. Internet filtering is not provided while the child is at home. It is not advisable for the student to be permitted to engage in long hours of unsupervised time online.

  • Optional Device Insurance is available to all students in Grades 3-8. Families can elect device coverage during the Returning Student Registration process in Skyward.

  • The Chromebook can work in offline mode to complete school work in many cases. Some families may be able to receive reduced price internet at their home through the following two programs:

Please look for more information about our Digital Literacy Family Event this coming fall. Additional information regarding district technology usage and our Chromebook program is also available in the Returning Student Registration” process in Skyward.

“Technology continues to play a crucial role throughout our learning environment for every District 123 student. The Chromebook serves as one way we continue to help students learn how to learn, both inside and outside of the school day. We know that having increased access to this powerful tool will continue to help your student gain additional understandings of foundational skills, content knowledge, and digital literacies to be fully prepared to learn today for their successful tomorrow,” said Macchia.

If you have any additional questions about the program please contact your child’s school or the district technology department.