12 Days of Kindness


It’s the season of giving and at Oak Lawn Hometown Middle School students, faculty and staff are giving away the free gift of kindness. The 12 Days of Kindness is a daily challenge for those who choose to accept it to spread kindness in simple ways leading up to winter break.

Random acts like helping a classmate or writing a positive note and posting it to a locker, are all part of the initiative and help share the message of kindness throughout the OLHMS community.

The idea came from a hashtag Assistant Principal, Laura Ferrel follows on Twitter, she was inspired to try it after realizing how simple and positive it would be for the school.

“It was a way in which we as a school community could participate in a much broader conversation about the importance of simply being kind to one another.   We are hoping students recognize that acts of of kindness can be small and simple, and that any act of kindness, no matter the size, carries meaning and helps to built positivity within our school,” she said.

To see the wonderful acts of kindness throughout Oak Lawn Hometown Middle School follow #12daysofkindess and #D123 on Twitter.