10th Annual Make-A-Wish Volleyball Game

Last Friday, Oak Lawn Hometown Middle School hosted the 10th Annual Make-A-Wish Foundation Volleyball game. The 7th and 8th grade volleyball teams were pitted against the Oak Lawn Police and the Oak Lawn Fire Departments and even the District 123 Staff.
“It is a lot of fun to watch and be apart of the game because it is for a good cause and it gets competitive.  Being a member of the 8th grade volleyball team, we play the Staff of OLHMS, The Oak Lawn Police Department, the Oak Lawn Fire Department, and the D123 administration.  It gets competitive because a good portion of the school comes and everyone wants to look good in front of people so, everyone tries their hardest to win.  Also, the Volleyball team wants to boast about beating the OLHMS staff.” said 8th Grade Student, Caitlyn Comiskey.
Proceeds from the event benefit the Make a Wish Foundation, District 123 is the #1 fundraising school for the organization in Illinois and this year was able to contribute $5,000 from this event alone which will benefit a child close to home.
“The money raised from this event will be used to grant a wish to a child who is dealing with a life-threatening medical condition in our community,” said Teresa Loch, the Student Council Sponsor.
This year the Make-a-Wish Walk will take place on May 12.